Where to Buy

We’re partnered with local businesses to help bring Bear Creek Farm all-natural beef to your table.

Our beef is served at:
Burger Up Cool Springs, Franklin, TN
City House Restaurant, Franklin, TN
3 Crow Bar, Nashville,TN
Merchants Restaurant, Nashville, TN
The Southern, Nashville, TN
Saffire, Franklin, TN
Flyte World Dining and Wine, Nashville, TN
Rolf and Daughters, Nashville, TN
Rumours East, Nashville, TN
Mitchell Delicatessan, Nashville, TN
The Food Company, Nashville, TN
Amerigo, Brentwood, TN
3 Crow Bar, Nashville, TN
Frothy Monkey, Franklin, TN
Richland Country Club, Nashville, TN
Nashville City Club, Nashville, TN

Retail locations include:
Bear Creek Farm, Leipers Fork, TN
Franklin Farmers’ Market, Franklin, TN, Saturday 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
Fresh Harvest Locally Grown.net, online market open Sundays-Tuesdays
      with delivery Wednesday afternoon at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Green Hills 4-6pm
Thompsons Station Farmers Market, Wednesdays 2pm-6pm